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Im Großen Schiff der Gefühle

Vernissage: Thursday April 25th 2019
Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867

Publication of the catalog:
"Neue Positionen | Verein der
Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867"

Torstrasse 111
Kunst- und Projekthaus, Berlin Mitte

"Aber Eva, das war doch anders!"
(But Eve, this was a different story!) , 2019
digital print on outdoor canvas
photo © Uwe Walter

im grossen schiff der gefuehle

–> torstrasse111.de/.../im-grossen-schiff-der-gefuehle/
–> Catalog pages Gisela Weiman (pdf)
–> Invitation (pdf)


Jdu a ohlížím se
(Looking back while going forward)

Nov 21st - Dec 1st 2018
NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts
Villa P651, Prague


–> Documentation Looking back while going forward (pdf)
–> artmap.cz/gisela-weimann
–> city-dog.cz/post/gisela-weimann/


WomenCinemakers // Special Edition
Nov 15th 2017

an interview with Gisela Weimann
by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant

women cinemakers

–> issuu.com/women_cine_makers/


Symphony, Encounter, Memory

An interview with Gisela Weimann by Sarah Frost

international feminist art journal
vol 37 2016


–> Symphony, Encounter, Memory (pdf)



Fragments of the Others
Gisela Weimann, Andor Kömives

December 1999
Democratic Forum of the Germans
Cluj, Romania

September 2002
Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin

September/Oktober 2005
Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania

February/March 2006
Museum in the Palais am Festungsgraben, Berlin

October 2015
Video/performance at the Art Museum
Cluj - Napoca, Romania

Fragmente des Anderen

–> Publication: From Fragments to Wholeness - Paradigms of Cultural Changes, Gisela Weimann 2017(pdf)

–> macluj.ro/.../gisela-weimann-andor-komives.html
–> Fragments of the Others (pdf)
–> Free to Change - a work in progress (Video)


Memory Frames
Selection from photo diaries since 1978

The diaries are a central thread running
through my artistic work, which include artistic representations as well as the narrative.
They are produced wherever I live.

Since my film studies at the San Francisco
Art Institute in 1978-79, I have also used the
medium of photography to create Memory Frames,
which represent silent films about people
and places from my life.

As in a diary, experiences and everyday images
are photographically recorded within the form of
a picture frame and combined into a story.

Villa Romana, inside and outside II
Villa Romana Florenz 1989

Fragmente des Anderen

–> Memory Frame


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